1. Brake light

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        • Fermentation extraction equipment

          The company is deeply trusted by the majority of users based on the business philosophy of integrity, innovation and excellence, and has won extensive credibility and reputation.

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        • Needle valve

          Widely used in automotive, metallurgy, electronics, shipbuilding, heavy industry, machinery, sheet metal, plastics, rubber, steel, medicine, military, paper, chemical, railway, glass and other industries involved in various welding, polishing, cutting, polishing and other processes The purification of smoke and dust is produced.

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        • Floppy drive

          Advanced product structure, skilled, according to the Ministry of standards, national standards, U.S. standards, daily standards, German standards and other international standards.

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        • Pipe cap

          After years of development, we have launched more than ten products that meet the three application fields of industry, furniture and medical care.